What is a Regional Transportation Impact Fee?

A transportation impact fee is established by a local or regional government (usually collected during issuance of the building permit) in connection with approval of a development project for purpose of defraying all or a portion of the cost of particular public facilities, in this case, transportation projects (e.g., roadway expansion, transit centers, interchanges, etc.). Regional Transportation Impact Fees (RTIF) are used in a variety of counties throughout the State of California to help fund transportation projects.

Jepson Parkway Vacaville

Regional Traffic Impact Fee (RTIF)

Administered by STA

Typical Funding Amount: ~$2 million per year

In 2013, the Solano County Board of Supervisors approved an update to the County’s Public Facility Fee (PFF) that included a $1,500 per dwelling unit equivalent allocated toward the STA’s RTIF program. 5% of the funds are spent on regional transit improvements, another 5% goes to unincorporated county roads, 2% to STA administration, and the remaining balance is returned to the RTIF district in which it was collected. Solano County is divided into 5 RTIF districts, loosely defined as follows: District 1 – Jepson Corridor; District 2 – State Route 12 Corridor, District 3 – South County, District 4 – Central County, District 5 – State Route 113. Example projects funded with RTIF include: