RFP & RFQ (Local Preference)

Database of Consultants/Businesses

If you would like to be added to our database of consultants/businesses, you may download the STA Consultant/Business Database form and submit it according to the directions on the form.

The STA Board approved a Local Preference Policy, originally in December 2010 and amended on October 12, 2011, that applies to purchases of goods and services as well as the solicitation of professional services.  Download the STA Local Preference Policy and Frequently Asked Questions.

Read the July 11, 2012 Board staff report for an analysis of the Local Preference Policy methodology and STA purchasing activities.  View the July 11, 2012 PowerPoint presentation.

The STA has prepared a database of contact information for local firms for convenience purposes only and without guarantees as to the ability of such firms to provide the services.  Download the STA Local Firms Database .

Click here to see the current list of procurement opportunities