About STA

Contact Information

Phone: 707-424-6075
Fax: 707-424-6074
Email: info@sta.ca.gov

The STA staff implements the policies of the STA Board and manages multiple consultant projects and programming, finances projects, and serves as the liaison with local project sponsors and regional, state and federal agencies.

STA’s Solano Mobility Program provides transportation options for getting around Solano County, throughout the Bay Area and Sacramento and beyond.  This includes older adults and people with disabilities, students, employers and employees.

Adams, Anthony

Project Manager

Adams, Janet

Deputy Executive Director/Director of Projects

Antunano, Amy

Solano Mobility Call Center Program Coordinator II

Beavers, Betsy

SR2S Program Coordinator

Benson, Regina

Customer Service Representative

Bloesch, Karin

Senior SR2S Program Coordinator

Costa, Katelyn

Program Coordinator

Crighton, Triana

Assistant Planner

Curry, Bernadette

Legal Counsel

de Leon, Cecilia

Administrative Assistant

Dohina, Erika

Solano Mobility Call Center Program Coordinator

Furtado, Susan

Accounting & Administrative Services Manager

Garrett, Lorene

Customer Service Representative

Gephart, Tiffany

SR2S Program Coordinator

Grassi, Ron

Director of Programs

Guerrero, Robert

Director of Planning

Halls, Daryl K.

Executive Director

Harris, Denise

Customer Service Representative

Ma, Vincent

Marketing & Legislative Program Manager

Masiclat, Johanna

Clerk of the Board/Office Manager

McLitus, Erika

Project Assistant

McNichols, Brenda

Accounting Technician

McQuilkin, Debbie

Transit Mobility Coordinator

Nadal, Lloyd

Program Services Division Manager

Quezada, Natalie

Senior Customer Service Representative

Quintanilla, Neil

Marketing Assistant

Saechao, Mey

Accountant I

Sanchez, Elizabeth

Senior Customer Service Representative

Spreadbury, Debbie

Customer Service Representative

Thomson, Brandon

Transit Mobility Coordinator

Violette, Sue

SR2S Program Coordinator

Wan, Esther

Administrative Clerk