SolanoExpress provides express intercity bus service throughout Solano County. Individual routes are operated by Fairfield and Suisun Transit (FAST) and Solano County Transit (SolTrans). SolanoExpress is managed by the Solano Transportation Authority (STA), which handles the Call Center.


Convenience: SolanoExpress offers high-frequency peak service at morning and evening commute hours. Our routes serve BART, SF Bay Ferry and Amtrak. Our buses use the HOV lanes, so you can avoid congestion.

Cost: SolanoExpress fares make it an affordable alternative to driving—especially when you include the wear and tear on your car. You can pay your fare with Clipper for even easier access.

Comfort: Our buses are spacious and comfortable, to ensure a relaxing ride. We take the stress out of your commute—no more stop-and-go traffic. We give you time to do some work, read the paper or just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Solano Express


Public Hearing on Proposed Service Changes to SolanoExpress Routes 80 & 85

On June 12, 2019, at 6:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, at the City of Suisun City Council Chambers, 701 Civic Center Boulevard, Suisun City, California, the Solano Transportation Authority Board of Directors will hold a public hearing to consider proposed service changes to SolanoExpress Routes 80 and 85.

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Getting around Solano County just got a whole lot simpler. The new SolanoExpress service has color-coded routes and improved schedules with early morning and late evening buses that connect to BART and the SF Bay Ferry for easier commutes. SolanoExpress buses also serve Solano Community College and UC Davis so you can make it to class on time.

Going to Sacramento? SolanoExpress can get you there! The Blue Line runs all the way from Pleasant Hill BART to the Capitol, with stops in between.

SolanoExpress Route Map

SolanoExpress Schedules:

Future Red Line coming soon in July 2019!


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If you have questions or want more information, please contact Brandon Thomson, STA Transit Mobility Coordinator, at