About STA

Mission Statement

“To improve the quality of life in Solano County by delivering transportation projects to ensure mobility, travel safety, and economic vitality for all.”

The STA was created in 1990 through a Joint Powers Agreement between the cities of Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville, Vallejo and the County of Solano to serve as the Congestion Management Agency for Solano. As the Congestion Management Agency (CMA) for the Solano area, the STA partners with various transportation and planning agencies, such as the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and Caltrans District 4.

The STA is responsible for countywide transportation planning, programming transportation funds, managing and providing transportation programs and services, delivering transportation projects, and setting transportation priorities.

The STA uses an open and inclusive public involvement process through various committees made up of local elected officials, public works directors, transit operators, and interested citizens.

Message from the STA Executive Director

Welcome to the Solano Transportation Authority’s website. The STA is committed to continually improving Solano County’s transportation system so that our residents have easy access to jobs, schools, shopping, and essential services. To that end, the STA – working with each of the cities and the county – plans for, funds, manages and delivers a wide array of activities designed to keep Solano moving. While delivering transportation projects to ensure mobility, travel safety, and economic vitality is the STA’s mission, preserving and improving the quality of life enjoyed by Solano County residents underscores all that we do.

Throughout the pages of the STA’s website you’ll find information on how to get around Solano County, as well as programs, projects, plans, and services currently being funded and anticipated in the future. You can also follow the activities of our various committees as they seek to continually improve Solano’s transportation system. No matter how you travel, we hope the STA’s website can help. If you don’t find the information you are looking for, please call the STA at (707) 424-6075.

Thank you for visiting!

Daryl K. Halls

Executive Director

Daryl Halls

STA Building Artwork

“Passage & Flow”

This interactive artwork combines geometry, metaphor and abstraction in the pursuit of an enduring work of art with the intent to become an iconic symbol of the STA. Exquisitely crafted in marine-grade stainless steel, it was built by combining the best of old world craft with cutting-edge technology. My design philosophy is based upon a deep respect for the natural world and a belief that human experience is made richer by intimate contact with Nature’s principles. These principles are used to give this sculpture visual structure that feels intuitively familiar.

Artist Roger W. Stoller

Dimension: 13’H x 6.4’W x 5’D

Materials: Stainless Steel

“Until Then”

There is one thing that is universal to us all when it comes to the thought of transportation. One symbol of emotion that we have all felt. Whenever people use any form of transportation, there is one common experience. We all have to say goodbye. That lasting memory of our loved ones silhouette, waving goodbye as we slowly pull away. This emotion has lived within us all. That memory of our loved ones, family and friends, standing together, waving goodbye, until the day we return. This left me with a lasting thought,
“Until Then”

Artist Terrence Martin

Dimensions: 12’H x 5’W x 4″D & 8’H x 6’W x 4″D

Materials: Stainless Steel Mirror Finish

“Protect Restore Regenerate”

Solano County is a special gem in California. We want this artwork to convey the richness and diverse aspects of this amazing region. The vibrant cities sparkle and shine with opportunities from the collection of people and places within them. The abundant agricultural land can create nourishment and food security. Solano’s beautiful open spaces and natural areas feed the souls of the citizens and provide habitat for so many other species. The rolling hills, waterfronts, wetlands, sloughs, streams, rivers, and mountains are precious and worth preserving and revitalizing. We want to reinforce a community self-perception that treasures its surrounding ecosystems and recognizes that the county survives and thrives when those elements are protected and renewed.

This map is about the present, includes aspects of the past, and hopefully inspires a regenerative vision that we create together. Its placement at the Solano Transportation Authority fits perfectly. The STA is not just about travel, it’s enhancing the quality of life. The STA is helping to carry this county into the future, moving people within the community and across the region. The STA facilitates connection and communication. It influences the county’s self-perception and expands what people see as possible. Along those lines, we see this map at STA as a chance to convey what Solano is and where it has the potential to go.

– Artists CreatingAS1 : Sara Corbett and Aaron Haldiman

Dimensions: 9’2″ H x 11’4″ W

Materials: Reclaimed Wood, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Acrylic, Paint, and Other Materials