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Are you interested in serving on a Citizen Advisory Committee?

The Citizen Advisory Committee brochure includes a brief description of each committee. If you are interested in serving on a committee currently without a vacancy, your application will be held and reviewed when a vacancy arises. To apply, download the brochure and mail it in, or you can complete this fillable form and email or fax it to STA.

The Following Committees have vacant positions (as of 9/7/2023)

    1. City of Suisun City
    2. County of Solano
    3. Member-At-Large (Solano Community College)
    1. City of Dixon

Citizen Advisory Committees

Several public advisory committees assist the STA Board of Directors and staff in the development of specific policies and transportation plans to improve Solano County’s transit systems, roads and freeways, and alternative modes.

Standing Citizen Based Advisory Committees

Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC)

Meets the first Thursday of every odd-numbered month in the STA office conference room at 6:00 PM. The Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) is responsible for updating and monitoring the progress of the Active Transportation Plan and makes funding recommendations for countywide bicycle priority projects to the STA Board of Directors and member agencies.

Next Meeting :  November 2, 2023

ANNOUNCEMENT: The STA BAC has new positions to be filled! Download the Advisory Committee  Interest form HERE.

Committee Members

Rio Vista Dennis Elliott
Vacaville Neal Iverson
Benicia Nancy Lund, Chair
Fairfield VACANT
Suisun City Tyler Meirose
Vallejo David Belef, Vice-Chair
County of Solano Michael Segala
Member at Large Jason Gray
Committee Staff Person Dulce Jimenez
Planning Assistant
(707) 399-3214

Safe Routes to School (SR2S)

The STA Safe Routes to School Advisory Committee is responsible for guiding the STA’s Safe Routes to School Program and recommending projects and programs for funding countywide to the STA Board.

Next Meeting :  November 15, 2023

Committee Members

Suisun City Police, Commander Jeff Henderson, Chair
Vallejo USD Chief Operations Officer Mitchell Romao
City of Vacaville Rochelle Wise
Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District VACANT
City of Fairfield Tina Tran, Vice-Chair
California Highway Patrol VACANT
Pedestrian Advisory Committee Rep. Diane Dooley
Bicycle Advisory Committee Rep. David Belef
Solano County Office of Education Jennifer Leonard
Solano County Public Health Dail Montanez
Committee Staff Person Amy Antunano
SR2S Assistant Program Manager
(707) 399-3210

Paratransit Coordinating Council (PCC)

Meets the third Thursday of every other (odd) month at 1:00 pm. The Paratransit Coordinating Council (PCC) works on countywide senior and disabled transit issues as required by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and makes recommendations on transit and paratransit funding, claims and coordination.

Next Meeting :  November 16, 2023

Interested in serving on the Paratransit Coordinating Council? Download the Advisory Committee Interest form HERE.

Committee Members

MTC/PAC Representative (1 Position) Dwayne Hankerson
Members at Large (2 Positions) Brian McLaughlin-Chair, James Williams
Public Agencies (2 Positions) * VACANT – Education, Teri Ruggiero – Health & Social Services
Social Service Providers (3 Positions) Melissa Westlie, Heather Barlow, Lisa Hooks
Transit Users (3 Positions) ** Cynthia Tanksley – Vice-Chair,  Katherine Richter, Ruben Brunt
Committee Staff Person Debbie McQuilkin
Transit Mobility Coordinator
(707) 399-3231
* Public Agency position consists of a representative from Solano County Department of Health and Social Services.
** Transit users consist of one (1) elderly representative, one (1) disabled representative, and one (1) low-income representative.

Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC)

Meets the first Thursday of every even-numbered month in the STA office conference room at 6:00 PM. The Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC) is responsible for updating and monitoring the progress of the Active Transportation Plan and makes funding recommendations for countywide pedestrian-related projects to the STA Board of Directors and member agencies.

Next Meeting :  October 5, 2023

ANNOUNCEMENT: The STA PAC has new positions to be filled! Download the Advisory Committee  Interest form HERE.

Committee Members

 Agency Representative
Rio Vista Michael Hayes
Vallejo Teresa Booth
Benicia Diane Dooley, Vice-Chair
Dixon Miranda Barber
Fairfield Joseph Heffern-Green
Suisun City VACANT
Bay Area Ridge Trail Council Bob Berman, Chair
County of Solano VACANT
Vacaville VACANT
Member-at-Large (Solano Community College) VACANT
Member-at-Large Avery Livengood
Committee Staff Person Kathrina Gregana
Assistant Planner
(707) 399-3230


Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (CTSA) Advisory Committee

STA formed the CTSA Advisory Committee in 2015 to provide countywide coordination to pursue Mobility Management funding and identify and facilitate implementation of various Mobility Management Programs and Services to support Mobility for Solano County Seniors, People with Disabilities and Low Income.  This committee makes recommendations to the STA Board.

The members include representatives from SolanoExpress Intercity Transit Consortium (5 Transit operators), Paratransit Coordinating Council, Seniors and People with Disabilities Transportation Advisory Committee, Lifeline Advisory Committee, Solano County Health and Social Services, Veteran/Low Income, Area Agency on Aging, and four STA Board Liaisons.

Next Meeting :  September 28, 2023

Committee Members

STA Board Liaisons (4 Positions) Jim Spering – Solano County Supervisor, Mitch Mashburn – Solano County Supervisor, Harry Price – City of Fairfield, Ronald Kott – City of Rio Vista
Transit Operators (5 Positions) Beth Kranda – SolTrans, Louren Kotow – Dixon Readi-Ride, Diane Feinstein – Fairfield & Suisun Transit, Lori DaMassa – Vacaville City Coach, Brandon Thomson -Rio Vista Delta Breeze
County of Solano Director of Health & Social Services Gerald Huber
Independent Living Resources Susan Rotchy
MTC Policy Advisory Council Representative VACANT
Paratransit Coordinating Council Ernest Rogers
Community Action North Bay
Kari Rader
Area Agency of Aging
Elaine Clark
Vallejo Citizen Representative
Helen-Marie Cookie Gordon
Committee Staff Person Ron Grassi
Director of Programs
(707) 399-3233

Ad Hoc Citizen Advisory Committees

Equity Chapter Working Group

The purpose of the Equity Chapter Working Group is to assist STA in defining transportation equity for Solano County. The group will receive background information on federal, state and regional history, definitions, laws, policies, and programs that influence STA’s equity planning. It will review STA’s recent mobility investments, including comparison with regional equity goals and performance measures. The Working Group will review and comment on a draft Transportation Equity Chapter which STA staff will consider when compiling its recommended Final Transportation Equity Chapter for presentation to the STA Board at a public hearing in September  2019.

Next Meeting : No Upcoming meetings scheduled


Committee Members

City of Suisun City Alma Hernandez
City of Fairfield Harry Price
City of Vallejo Rozzana Verder-Aliga, EdD.
County of Solano, District 4 John Vasquez
KROC Center & Salvation Army Ronald Kinney
Faith in Action Robert Fuentes
Touro University Andrea Garcia
Vallejo Resident Cookie Gordon
STA & MTC PCC Representative Dwayne Hankerson
Solano County Public Health Dail Montanez
Solano-Napa Habitat for Humanity Gerry Raycraft
Independent Living Resources Center Susan Rotchy
Potentiate LLC Rochelle Sherlock
Vallejo’s Michael Transportation Anthony Summers
Committee Staff Person Kathrina Gregana
Planning Assistant
(707) 399-3230