PROJECTS Fairgrounds Dr. Interchange Project

Fairgrounds Drive, Vallejo, CA, USA

This project will include roadway improvements along portions of Fairgrounds Drive and Redwood Parkway/Redwood Street, as well as several nearby intersections and interchanges within the City of Vallejo. Specifically, this project will widen and improve 1.5 miles of Fairgrounds Drive, extending from the State Route 37 interchange to the Redwood Parkway/Interstate 80 Interchange.  Improvements will also be made to a number of intersections and interchanges, including Redwood Street/Parkway and Interstate 80, Fairgrounds Drive and State Route 37.  This project will relieve congestion and improve traffic flow on local streets, improve the existing interchange and intersection operations, improve the safety of local streets, and increase capacity of the local roadway network to support future growth. See the Updates tab for related Project Documents.

Design is currently underway and STA obtained a commitment of $15M in Regional Measure 3 (RM 3) funds for Construction of the Interchange.  Please check back here for updates in the near future.

June 1, 2015

Project Report

Fairgrounds Project Report June 2015

Caltrans approved the Project Report and NEPA document for public release. The Project Report describes a project summary, provides cost estimates, and considers alternatives.

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Where can I find the project fact sheet

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Please click here for the Project Fact Sheet