PROJECTS SolanoExpress Fleet Electrification and Charging Infrastructure

SolanoExpress is beginning the process of electrifying its long-haul regional bus routes – the Transit and Intercity Rail Program (TIRCP) provided $2.7M towards the purchase of 13 fully electric long-haul over the road coaches. Unfortunately, electric long-haul coaches have a relatively low range and it would be extremely difficult to run long routes frequently without running out of charge. Installing Inductive Charging at regionally significant transit facilities not only resolves this range issue, but also creates opportunities for partnerships with other regional transit agencies. Therefore, STA will install 7 inductive charging pads at regionally significant transit centers by 2024.

    1. El Cerrito del Norte BART Station
    2. Fairfield Transportation Center (FTC)
    3. Soltrans Curtola Park and Ride Hub
    4. Suisun-Fairfield Amtrak Station
    5. Walnut Creek BART Station
    6. Vacaville Transportation Center
    7. Vallejo Transit Center

This project received funding awards from two grant programs, $2.7M from the Transit and Intercity Rail Program and $1.7M from the California Energy Commission Bestfit Innovative Charging Solutions Grant Program. STA’s application to the Bestfit Program (in partnership with Momentum Dynamics) was the largest award and the highest scoring application in the State.

The Project is essential for STA to enable conversion of the 13 existing conventional long-haul coach buses to a zero-emission fleet. Without the Project, the conversion will not be feasible. Shared use of these resources by other regional bus operators is encouraged to maximize tax-payer benefit. Transit partners include:

    • Soltrans
    • BART
    • WETA
    • Capital Corridor
    • Napa Valley Transit Authority
    • Contra Costa County Connection
    • Livermore-Amador Valley Transit Agency

STA anticipates that the Design and Permitting phase will be complete by 2023, Construction and Testing will be complete by 2024, and SolanoExpress will purchase electric buses by 2025.