PROJECTS TIRCP Solano Regional Transit Improvements 2020

Fairfield Transportation Center, Fairfield, CA, USA

In April 2020,  STA was awarded $10.4M through the Transit and Intercity Rail Program (TIRCP) to improve the access, reliability, frequency, integration, and safety of regional transit services throughout and outside Solano County.  Five project components were funded in this application. Each component is fully scalable and has various elements of travel integrated into its proposal. Every component of the application is fully integrated to the local transit and active transportation system, with the goal of better integrating to the regional transit system as well. STA seeks to better improve the integration of each of these travel elements into a seamless, safe, and frequent regional transit system.

I. Network Integration Planning ($1.1M) in 2021

1. Real-time Transit Coordination Equipment ($550k)
2. SolanoExpress Bus Rapid Transit Implementation and Electrification Plan ($550k)

II. In-Line Charging Infrastructure (5 locations @ $2.7M) in 2022

1. Fairfield Transportation Center (FTC)
2. Sacramento Valley Station
3. Suisun-Fairfield Amtrak Station
4. Walnut Creek BART Station
5. Vallejo Transit Center (VTC)

III. Improvements at the Vacaville Transit Center ($2.05M) in 2022

1. Bike/Ped Connection and Access Improvements ($1.6M)
2. Transit Signal Prioritization Improvements ($225k)
3. Ticketing Improvements for SolanoExpress ($225k)

IV. Improvements at the Fairfield-Vacaville Train Station ($2M) in 2022

1. Train Station Parking Lot – 119 spaces ($1.5M)
2. Bike/Ped Connection and Access Improvements ($500k)

V. Improvements at the Fairfield Transportation Center ($2.55M) in 2023

1. West Texas St Pedestrian Connection ($2M)
2. New SolanoExpress Stop at Westbound I-80 and West Texas St ($550k)