Solano County Pedestrian Safety Symposium

March 6, 2019

In partnership with the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), Solano County Public Health, and the City of Fairfield, the STA’s Safe Routes to School Program staff hosted a Solano County Pedestrian Safety Symposium to discuss ideas to reduce pedestrian vs. vehicle collisions in Solano County. According to OTS collision statistics, Solano County has the 2 nd highest collision rate in California for pedestrians under 15 years old. Participants were presented with countywide collision data along with Solano Public Health data, illustrating the correlation between health inequities and pedestrian injuries. They were also asked to share what their cities are currently doing to address pedestrian safety, and to collaborate and develop an action plan to address this issue on a countywide scale. Additional community level workshops will take place this year to continue the discussion about Pedestrian Safety.

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