PROJECTS Solano I-80 Westbound Truck Scales

Cordelia Weigh Station WB, I-80, Fairfield, CA, USA

The proposed project will replace the existing Cordelia Truck Scales along Westbound I‐80, which was constructed in 1958 to inspect trucks entering the San Francisco Bay Area from locations nationwide.  It currently accommodates between 500 and 700 trucks per day and consists of two dynamic scales, one static scale, four inspection bays, and limited parking.  Existing access from I‐80 consists of short on and off ramps, resulting in truck traffic backing up onto I‐80 and increasing the potential for rear‐end accidents. During peak traffic periods experienced several times per week, the facility is closed to incoming trucks to prevent this queuing.

The new truck scales facility will be relocated 0.7 mile east from its current location and will provide a new braided off‐ramp connection and new entrance ramp connection to/from Westbound I‐80. Direct access to the facility will also be provided from westbound State Route 12 (East). The new facility will have the capacity to inspect all westbound I‐80 trucks passing the facility 24 hours per day, seven days a week, with seven covered inspection areas to accommodate long vehicle combinations,  elevated structures to enable inspectors to check the domes and top portions of cargo trucks, “Weigh In Motion” scales with the capability to sort truck traffic into the appropriate lane along the approach roadway, and a minimum of four sets of scales to accommodate two lines of empty and loaded trucks. See the Updates tab for related Project Documents.

In 2020, this project received $24M in funding through the Trade Corridor Enhancement Program. Design is currently underway. Please check back here for updates in the near future!

Proposed Funding Plan




Proposed Construction Schedule






June 28, 2023

$129M Awarded through the TCEP Program

December 3, 2020

$24M Awarded through the TCEP Program

June 1, 2020

I-80 East Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan

February 16, 2005

Truck Scales Relocation Study

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