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Solano Highways Operations Study 2010

The primary purpose of this document is to conduct a review of the existing studies that will influence or provide relevant materials and/or information in the development of the Solano Highways Operations Study. It is understood that there have been many studies prepared and that each study may address portions of the goals and objectives of the Solano Highways Operations Study, and identifying those areas will serve to incorporate the recommendations and next steps from the existing studies. One note is that Solano Highways Operations Study will support the development of the Caltrans Corridor System Management Plan (CSMP) for SOL-80.

Another purpose of this study is to briefly describe some of the ITS technologies that are available or are under development. As part of the Solano Highways Operations Study, a Corridor-Level ITS Architecture and Implementation Plan will be developed and these ITS technologies will be considered as part of that Plan.

PDF Solano Highways Operations Study

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