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Solano Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) 2020

The STA’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) for Solano County envisions, directs, and prioritizes the transportation needs of Solano County. The CTP incorporates various STA studies and plans into a 25-year planning document. The Solano CTP 2040 was completed in June 2020.

The complete Solano Comprehensive Transportation Plan 2040 can be viewed and downloaded through the link below.

For added convenience, links to individually download each section of the Solano CTP 2040 are also provided.

PDF Solano County CTP 2040 (Complete)
PDF CTP Introduction
PDF CTP Land Use Chapter
PDF CTP Equity Chapter
PDF CTP Looking Forward
PDF Appendix A: Federal, State, and Regional Land Use & Transportation Plans, Policies and Programs
PDF Appendix B: Federal and State Equity Laws & Regulations
PDF Appendix C: Arterials, Highways and Freeways Element
PDF Appendix D: Transit and Rideshare Element
PDF Appendix E: Active Transportation Element

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