Bike Highway Study Website & Survey Launch

January 14, 2021

Caltrans Bay Area is evaluating the implementation of bike highways in the Bay Area and is looking for input from Bay Area bicyclists through their newly launched Bike Highway Study website. The Study website is a resource for collecting input, upcoming events, and bike highway-related websites and resources. Caltrans Bay Area (District 4) manages nearly 1,400 miles of State Highway corridors throughout the Bay Area. The purpose of this Study is to understand where Bike Highways may be installed alongside State Highway corridors.

The Caltrans Bay Area Bike Highway Study Survey seeks to gather feedback on your bicycling habits, which features will make bike highways safe and easy for you to use, and what makes you feel comfortable while bicycling.

What is a Bike Highway?
A bike highway is a high-quality, uninterrupted, long-distance bikeway created to reduce barriers to destinations that people want to travel to and from, especially places which may normally be difficult to bike to. These types of bikeways may consist of a mix of on-street facilities and fully-separated trails. Bike highways should be designed to accommodate people of all ages and abilities riding bikes, as well as people walking and rolling where appropriate and feasible. For this Study, Caltrans is evaluating bike highways parallel to State highway corridors.

The survey will be open through the end of February, and all questions are optional. To take the short survey, click here.

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