Temporary Changes to Intercity Taxi Card (PEX) Program

March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020

To All Intercity Taxi Card (PEX) Users and Partners:

The safety of the public and all our partners is a top priority; therefore, due to the temporary office closures of the Solano Transportation Authority and the Solano Mobility In-Person Centers, effective March 19, 2020, the following program changes will be taking place:

    1. Solano Transportation Authority (STA) will continue processing purchases for PEX card funds over the phone by credit or debit card ONLY.
    2. To purchase Intercity Taxi Card (ITX) PEX funds by cash:
        1. Contact your local transit operator for hours or operation (see below for contact numbers)
        2. Funds purchased at your local transit operator will be added to your PEX card account within the current timeframes
    3. You will be able to use your PEX card up to your normal monthly limit as per your transit operator’s guidelines (see below)

Transit Operators:

Transit Operator Contact Phone Number Monthly Purchase Limit
Dixon Readi Ride 707-678-7000 $400
Fairfield and Suisun Transit (FAST) 707-422-2877 $400
Rio Vista Delta Breeze 707-374-2878 $800
SolTrans 707-648-4666 $600 (ITX)  and  $150 (Local)
Vacaville City Coach 707-449-6000 $500

Please contact the Solano Mobility Call Center with questions at 800-535-6883.

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