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Solano Priority Conservation Area (PCA) Assessment and Implementation Plan 2016

Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs) are locally identified areas for conservation which provide important agricultural, natural resource, historical, scenic, cultural, recreational, and/or ecological values and ecosystem functions. The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) initially began designating Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs) in 2007. To date, Solano County has five (5) designated PCAs along with the San Francisco Bay Trail and Bay Area Ridge Trail alignments being regional PCAs. In 2013, the STA Board approved a $1.175 million fund allocation for the County of Solano for the Suisun Valley Farm to Market Phase 1 Project. Additionally, funds were approved for the development of a Solano PCA Assessment and Implementation Plan. This Plan assesses the current PCAs in Solano County, the potential for designating new PCAs, and identifying potential projects to be funded through future funding sources including, but not limited to, One Bay Area Grant.

PDF Solano PCA Plan 2016

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